Spring 2022 Semester Payment Plan

Pay your Spring 2022 semester cost of attendance (tuition and fees) bill in 5 payments.  Payment plans assist families with the balance due to the College over 5 payments during the academic semester. After considering all financial aid awards and other sources of aid, and a balance is due to the College, you may choose to enroll in the payment plan.

Payment Methods      
• Automatic bank payment (ACH)      
• Regularly scheduled payments will process on the 20th of each month      
Cost to Participate      
$55 nonrefundable enrollment fee per semester. ($25 payment fee + $30 CFI)
$30 nonrefundable returned payment fee per returned payment
Simple Steps to Enroll      
• Ensure you are registered for classes and know your balance
• Go to http://mycollegepaymentplan.com/Bennet/
• Click on the "Enroll Today" button at the top of the screen.
My College Payment Plan Site      
Important Plan Dates:      
Spring 2021-2022      
Payment Plans open December 1, 2021      
Dates to Sign Up Online Required down payment Number of Payments Months of Payment
December 1-December 16 none 5 December 20-April 20
December 17-February 10 25% 3 February 20-April 20
February 11-March 10 33% 2 March 20-April 20
March 11-April 10 50% 1 April 20th
Fall 2022      
Payment Plan open June 1, 2022      
Date to Sign Up Online Required down payment Number of Payments Months of Payment
June 1-July 18 none 5 July 20-November 20
July 19-August 10 20% 4 August 20-November 20
August 11-September 10 25% 3 September 20-November 20
September 11-October 10 33% 2 October 20-November 20
October 11-November 10 50% 1 November 20th