Overview of the My Student Information Feature

The My Student Information feature (formerly the My Account Info feature) allows Students to view their current balance as well as a list of all prior transactions on their account. Also, a parent/other person may be able to view a student's account information if that student grants appropriate permissions.

Account information cannot be viewed while the Business Office runs a recalculation (recalc) on the system.

This feature is composed of two parts: My Account Balances and Course and Fee Statement.

My Account Balances displays the current amount due. It includes a Make a Payment link as well as access to the Course and Fee Statement. Clicking on the account balance allows the student to view posted and/or preliminary/unposted transactions against the account. Transactions that are displayed are dependent on the settings in the Setup menu.

Course and Fee Statement generates a printable statement in .pdf format. This statement may not include all transactions to date and may not be the same balance as is displayed on My Account Balances. Please check with the Business Office for additional details.