Registering by Academic Plan

The My Schedule page is where you find courses and develop your schedule by placing them on the calendar to see how they fit. Place and remove them freely until you're ready to register.

Here you'll see which courses fit your academic plan, how many seats are available, and who the instructors are. You can also view course locations on a map, and clear up any issues before you register.

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Find Courses that Fit Your Academic Plan

Your academic plan helps to keep you on track to complete requirements for your program, certification, or degree. The My Schedule page guides you to the courses that fit your plan.

Depending on your school's policies, you might be restricted to registering only for courses on your plan for this term. The level of restriction you have is called "plan sensitivity." Ask your advisor if you have questions about your restrictions.

 The Registrar's office determines when a term is available on the My Schedule page. The term remains available as long as the add or drop period remains open.

Find Courses

View Future Requirements

Search Other Course Offerings

Develop Your Schedule

Work out your schedule by adding courses to your calendar, experimenting with various sections, until you find the combination that meets your requirements. During this process, you can register for some courses, request approvals and permissions for others, and keep others on your calendar without registering. Your calendar may include conflicts and warnings while you're in the planning stages. Example

Your calendar saves automatically and will still be there next time you log in.

Add Courses to Your Calendar

See Course Locations on a Google Map

Clear Courses from Your Calendar

Return to Your Campus Portal

Check for Issues

Before you register, you can see whether any of your courses have issues to address. Then you can contact instructors and initiate advisor approvals and registration clearance.

Check for Issues from the Calendar

Check for Issues from the Registration Checkout Screen

Email a Course Instructor

Request Registration Clearance

Request Advisor Approval

Add and Drop Courses

When you place courses on your calendar, you're not actually registering for them. (Unregistered courses are blue on your calendar; registered courses are green.) The Registration Checkout screen is where you actually add courses.

Add a Course

Drop a Course

Add a Course That Has Corequisites

Drop a Course That Has Corequisites

Switch Sections of a Course That Has Corequisites

View Your Course Load

Non-Calendared Courses

Some courses don't have a schedule, so they can't be placed on your calendar. Examples include directed study, online courses, or courses whose schedules are determined yet. You can still use the My Schedule feature for such courses.

Work with Non-Calendared Courses


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