Tours for Prospective Students

Prospective students and their parents are invited to take our campus tour, which lasts approximately 45 minutes to an hour and is led by a Bennett College student guide. It's a walking tour, so we suggest you wear comfortable shoes.
Individuals or Small Groups (9 or Fewer)
Reservations are required for all tours. Non-English speaking groups will need to bring interpreters. We recommend that you make your tour reservation at least 3-4 weeks in advance.
Admitted students: to get top priority, please mention your accept letter with your reservation.
Large Groups (10 or More)
For large groups, we suggest reservations be made at least 4 weeks in advance.
Note: No group tours are offered during the second and third weeks of April and the first and second weeks of May.
If you’re interested in making a reservation for a group tour you may contact us at the numbers below.  We can make reservations up to 4 months in advance.
To request a reservation please call us at (800) 413-5323 or (336) 370-8624.
For International Groups
International groups wanting tours should contact us through email.